As the sun graces us with its warmth, it’s easy to forget about our trusty boiler tucked away in the corner. But just like any hardworking companion, your boiler deserves some attention during the summer months. Whether it’s sipping iced tea or basking in the sun, here are practical ways to ensure your boiler stays in top shape when the chill returns. Let’s dive into the art of summer boiler care! 

  1. Arrange an Annual Service:

    • While you’re enjoying the lovely weather, your boiler deserves some rest and relaxation too! Schedule an annual service to keep it running safely, efficiently, and reliably.
    • If your boiler is still under warranty, an annual service is necessary to maintain its validity.
  2. Turn Down the Heat:

    • Instead of completely turning off the central heating, adjust the room thermostat to a lower setting. This prevents the heating system from activating unnecessarily.
    • For combi boilers, consider lowering the hot water temperature. It’s more efficient than adding cold water to cool down your daily shower, and it saves on fuel bills.
  3. Radiator Maintenance:

    • Although radiators aren’t part of the boiler itself, they play a crucial role in your home’s heating system. Check them for leaks and consider replacing or repositioning them if needed.
    • Install reflective insulated panel boards behind radiators, especially if they’re mounted on outside walls. This helps warm the room faster and keeps it cozy when winter returns.
  4. Switch It On Occasionally:

    • Even during summer, run your central heating for a few minutes each month. This prevents the pump and diverter valve inside the boiler from seizing up due to lack of use.
    • Simply turn on the boiler, raise the thermostat until the radiators start warming up, and then switch it back to either off or hot water only.
  5. Repair or Replace:

    • If your boiler is over 10 years old or has been causing concerns, consider having it replaced. Newer models are more energy-efficient and reliable.

Remember, proper summer maintenance ensures your boiler is ready to keep you warm when the colder days return! 🌞🔥🔧


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